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Is digital marketing enough in 2024?

Not anymore, we’re afraid. The digital world is changing, and fast. If you think you have a brilliant product but nobody wants it, oh well, then, maybe it’s that time of the year: to reevaluate your goals and actions.

Let’s find out what we can improve.

Tell us what is working.

You are not a rookie anymore, you worked hard and now you see some results but you are not sure how to scale them.

Let’s have a chat to find out what is working for you and how we can help you see even better results.

So, what makes us unique?

We don’t like to waste our time, therefore we treasure your time. 

We work smart

Working smart and focused is important to us.

We are skilled and creative

We are skilled, creative and grounded.

We are timely and efficient

False promises, losing time creating reports and hunting for vanity scores are not our thing.

We are here for human to human connection.


So, what makes us unique?

The Founder.

Hi, I am Diana Popescu, founder of Artsy Marketing Agency with 12+ years in this field and an altMBA alumni.

I enjoy honesty, deep connections and nature. I worked as an employee in multiple private and public organisations but I am now an independent marketer.

My inspiration comes from music, books, writing, talking and listening. I believe in smart work and aspire to change the way people look at marketing and advertising.

The Content Manager.

Hi, my name is Diana Paraipan, I am a passionate, creative and very reliable person. At the moment I am studying in Scotland, at the University of Stirling (BA Business and Marketing).

For the last 4 years I have challenged myself with marketing and creativity tasks
every day.

I like to think about digital marketing as a ‘gate‘ to help customers discover the beauty of the projects with which I collaborate and to inspire them through valuable information.

Aside from the passion for digital marketing and design, I love equestrian, travelling, listening to music and reading.

Diana Paraipan - Content Manager


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